3 Examples of Growth Mindset in Professional Life

First of all, what is growth mindset?

I think of it as a survival kit in nowadays times. It’s the ability to adapt and evolve, no matter what life brings us. I’m not going to elaborate on the differences between fixed and growth mindset but, basically, the image below gives us a pretty visual explanation (follow this link for the source and more details)

1st situation

Carmen has found herself forced to look for another workplace, as her employer has to close the business because of the crisis derived from covid-19 pandemic. It’s not a comfortable context for her because there is little time to find a new job, she has family and a bank loan for their home. Using a growth mindset, Carmen considers the challenge an opportunity to learn something new and to move a step further in her career. She immediately starts a research on the labour market regarding positions similar to her experience, realizes she has to acquire some new computer skills and finds an online course.

2nd situation

Robert has realised he had made a mistake in the forecast on which the company based its new product launch. After a moment of shock, he did the calculation again and focused on building up a plan for overcoming the problem and to prevent the business from losing too much money. Then, he went to the management meeting, admitted his error and presented his strategy.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

3rd situation

Anne coordinates a team of 7 people. Even though there have been some conflicts within the team, she wasn’t aware of anything alarming that might have a strong impact on them. However, the annual performance review process revealed that one of her team members had serious behaviour issues towards his colleagues. She realised this affected their morale and even their work, as she connected some of the team’s lower results with this finding.



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